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Hola amigos! 

I don't know if it is a turning thirty thing (can anyone else relate?) but when I reached my third decade I just felt utterly compelled to be creative. I decided to revive my writing skills as they had become a little bit lost over the past few years. Instead of becoming a sports reporter, my journalistic roots branched into English teaching and I found myself focusing on facilitating younger minds rather than freelancing with my own.

It is as though I was a little sailboat bobbing along the river of contentment when all of a sudden this wave of realization almost overthrew me. I hope my artistic armbands would have saved me even if they were a little deflated.

As much as I love teaching, I don't want to bob along anymore, ebbing and flowing, I want to fork a little lightning, forge a path for myself and hopefully help others along the way. I have this absolute passion for fitness, healthy eating and mindfulness that I want to sprinkle everywhere like beneficial (b)rain-drops.

Even if it is only one tiny tip that somebody inputs into their own lifestyle or a thought planted that helps someone to start their day in a positive way, I just want to feel like I am contributing.

I am a strong believer that if you exude gratitude it comes right back at you and envelopes you like an airport arrivals hug circa Christmas time. I feel hugely blessed to have my health so I can actually act on my desire to inspire. I firmly feel that if you really, really want something to happen, the world will work as your wingwoman and conspire to make it so.

This little expression of enthusiasm is just a tiny textual trailer of what I hope to create. Ultimately, I want to structure and scaffold my own life to greater effect and provide a little lifestyle lift for others along the way.

Here's hoping I add a little yay to your average day! 


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